We are pleased to announce that we recently donated to the Infant School in order for the to buy electronic tablets and a charging unit for the children to use in class. It’s due to the dedication of our volunteers when organising events and also the support from families coming to our events, then enables us to do this.

Silver Smarties Profit and Winners

‪We would just like to say thank you to all those who entered the Silver Smarties competition. You raised an amazing £310. Winners were Isabella 3O, William 3O, Joe 4S, Zara & Xander, Aimee 4J and Jake Class 6. Well done to you all. 🌟 ‬

Easter Eggstravaganza 2019

Bookings for Easter Eggstravaganza on 4th April  are now open. To make your booking select the number of children you require tickets for and your first choice time slot. In the Paypal checkout notes please specify your second and third choice timeslots and your child’s class.

Easter- One Child - £2.50 :
Easter - Two Children - £4.50 :
Easter - Three Children - £6.00 :
Easter - Additional Children - £2.00 :

50/50 club or school lottery

We are thinking of running either a 50/50 club or a school lottery and would like your thoughts on this. We are running a poll on our social media, please let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

A 50/50 club (run by FABSS) would cost £1 per month, 50% of profits would go to FABSS, 50% make up 3 monthly prizes. There would be an option to purchase more than one stake to increase you chances of winning. There would be a minimum yearly subscription of £12. The set up of this is still under discussion but as an example, if we had 100 people in the club. £50 would go to FABSS (per month) and the prizes would be
1st £25
2nd £15
3rd £5
Obviously the more people in the club, the larger the prize money would be.

A school lottery (run by external company) would cost £1 per week, 40% of money goes to FABSS. The prize money has not been specified but would relate to number of members.

Please go over to our social media pages and vote or send us a message.

Opening of the BSJ Outdoor Classroom

Our Outdoor Classroom by children from BSJ

We got our outdoor classroom
It really is a treat
A lovely place to sit and learn
A smashing area to meet

We got our outdoor classroom
A stunning sight to behold
That is until the parents gather
Using it to shelter from the cold

We got our outdoor classroom
A way to escape the gloom
That awaits us every day
In the same old classroom

We got our outdoor classroom
Although we sometimes wear a coat
It’s never rained so much that we
Would ever need a boat

So yippee, woohoo, horray for us
We’re lucky to have our amazing FABSS crew
They really are a helpful bunch
They’ll do anything for me and you!

Winter Wonderland

We’re please to announce that we raised £905 at Winter Wonderland. Thank you again to all who continually offer support to us.

Winter Wonderland Raffle 2018

Winter Wonderland Raffle 2018
1st Elf Balloon – Elissa
2nd Photo Shoot from Venture Photography – Paige
3rd Bottle of Brandy – J. Wright
4th Bayliss and Harding Gift Set – C. Newey
5th Sweet Hamper – Kia
6th Laura Ashley Gift Set – Ellie
7th Wine and chocolates – Harley
8th Bottle of Prosecco and Prosecco Sweets – R. Slack
9th Bottle of Sparkling Moscato – Carol
We are holding a small raffle this year and hoping to sell tickets before and after school. The tickets will also be on sale at Winter Wonderland. £1 per strip.
Please support our fundraising, it makes such as difference to both schools.