50/50 club or school lottery

We are thinking of running either a 50/50 club or a school lottery and would like your thoughts on this. We are running a poll on our social media, please let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

A 50/50 club (run by FABSS) would cost £1 per month, 50% of profits would go to FABSS, 50% make up 3 monthly prizes. There would be an option to purchase more than one stake to increase you chances of winning. There would be a minimum yearly subscription of £12. The set up of this is still under discussion but as an example, if we had 100 people in the club. £50 would go to FABSS (per month) and the prizes would be
1st £25
2nd £15
3rd £5
Obviously the more people in the club, the larger the prize money would be.

A school lottery (run by external company) would cost £1 per week, 40% of money goes to FABSS. The prize money has not been specified but would relate to number of members.

Please go over to our social media pages and vote or send us a message.